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Architecture & Planning

All the work we do as part of the transaction service is also available to you separately on a consulting basis. The range of these services that are often used during the planning and building process that we offer are presented below:

Program Management

  • Facilities Program Management

  • Buying and Purchasing Programs

  • General Maintenance Programs

Design & Planning

  • Leasing & Space Acquisition

  • Planning and Facilities Design Including LEAN Techniques

  • Furnishing & Equipment

Facility & Construction Management

  • Project Construction Management

  • On Site Representation

  • Post Occupancy & Facilities Management

MedDev LLC and its affiliates have completed hundreds of practice programs and interior spaces. Our range of services include intense programming efforts that focus on workplace efficiencies, procedures and maximizing through put for each individual practice specialty;


Our services include space planning; architectural design; interior finishes and construction and project management.


We go on to develop cutting edge spaces that include the integration of complex technologies from a wide range of treatment platforms to medical records and scheduling software that maximize the utility and usability of each room for each tenancy.


Specification of appropriate finishes and furniture to create an overall and sympathetic treatment environment is also important, while driving budget and schedule requirements to meet each clients individual and tailored demands. 

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